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Scabbards, Slings,
Bandoliers & Quivers

Padded Rifle, Shotgun, Custom Rifle Slings
AR-15 & AK-47's Leather Slings

Made to order in 22 Colors
QUESTIONS: 267-664-0485 (Your leather craftsman-Sir Lynn)

A R-3030 rifle sling

Our R-30/30 Rifle Slings can be designed for any ammo caliber-Suede lined in 22 colors

sling 8
Rifle sling for Walter Awdey
sling 11
Snake sling full view with snake cup holder2
sling 12
sling 9

Each Rifle sling is custom to each clients specifications

Sling Bullets  FREEDOM
Sling with Bullets FREEDOM 1
Sling Blood bought and free
Sling Blood bought and free.2JPG
Sling America Worth fighting for 2

Frontier's All American Rifle Slings-Made to Order

Sling America Worth fighting for 1
Sling America Land I Love
Sling America land I Love 2
Sling America 1
Sling America 2
Sling 5 America Slings New Spet 2021
Snake sling full view with snake cup holder

Our Rattle snake inlay is the talk of the town.

sling scabbard 0

Our Custom Designed Rifle or Shotgun Scabbards are hand crafted and lined to protect the weapon. Custom Tooling of your choice.