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Genuine Antique Water Buffalo Rig


Shown here for the Ruger GP-100
4 inch


Can be made for either left or right handed shooters
Any barrel length
Any Weapon


  • Suede Lined
  • Left or Right Handed
  • You pick the style
  • 25+ colors
  • Free Initials
  • Free Stamped Images


Please answer the following questions in the "Special Comments" section.

1: What weapon is the holster for?

2: What is the barrel length? (If revolver, do not include the ammo cylinder)

3: What is the caliber of the weapon?

4: When wearing the rig, on which side of the body will the holster be?

5: When wearing the rig, which hand will draw the weapon?

6: Would you like your initials in the holster?  If so, what initials?

7: Do you want different images on the holster?  If so, what?

8: What is your pant size/waist size?  (The numbers should be close to one another.)

9: How many ammo loops would you like on the belt? (We center ammo on the center back)

10: What is your height & weight?

11: Did I miss anything?  Please explain in detail.

The Brandon Fisher