Western Landscape

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Complete Gun Belt & Holster


  • Suede Lined
  • Left or Right style
  • 25+ colors
  • Free Initials
  • Free Stamped Images


Please answer the following questions in the "Special Comments" section.

1: What Make/Model weapon?

2: What is the barrel length?

3: On which hip/side will the holster be worn?

4: Caliber of weapon?

5: Which hand will draw the weapon?

6: How many ammo loops would you like?

7: What is your height & weight?

8: What is your chest size? (If applies)

9: Knife to be supplied by client (if shown in the photo, otherwise ignore)

10: What is your leg diameter where the leg belt will go?  (22-25 inches is standard) (If applies)

11: How many ammo loops would you like?

12: What is your pant/waist size?  (The numbers should be close to one another)

R10-RB Complete