Western Landscape

 Click on the small colored boxes here to see what's available for colors, initials and stamped images, etc 

Frontier  Proudly Presents the R-14 JL
Custom Clip-On or Belt Loop Taurus Judge Western Cowboy Style  Rig

Send Us Your Knife and Coins and we'll wrap this rig around them...or Use the Morgan Silver
Dollar Coin Conchos
They are Great!!!


  • Suede Lined
  • Left or Right style
  • 25+ colors
  • Free Initials
  • Free Stamped Images


Please answer the following questions in the "Special Comments" section.

1: What Make/Model weapon?

2: What is the barrel length?

3: On which hip/side will the holster be worn?

4: Caliber of weapon?

5: Which hand will draw the weapon?

6: How many ammo loops would you like?

7: What is your height & weight?

8: What is your chest size?

9: Knife to be supplied by client

10: What is your leg diameter where the leg belt will go?  (22-25 inches is standard)

11: How many ammo loops would you like?

12: What is your pant/waist size?  (The numbers should be close to one another)

R-14 JL The Jay Love Rig