Western Landscape

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Soft Double Leathers
Holds both .45 and .410
Heavy Duty Elastic Bands
hold ammo securely in place.  
Heavy duty snap.
You pick the colors.

Holds 10 Rounds
Fits in your pocket
Approx. 2" thick - 3" wide  4 1/4" tall


  • Suede Lined
  • Left or Right Handed
  • You pick the style
  • 25+ colors
  • Free Initials
  • Free Stamped Images


Please answer the following questions in the "Special Comments" section.

1: What is your weight and height?

2: What is your pant/waist size?

3: What Make/Model weapon?

4: What is the barrel length?

5: On which hip/side will the holster be worn?

6: Caliber of weapon?

R-11AW Ammo Wallet