Western Landscape

 Click on the small colored boxes here to see what's available for colors, initials and stamped images, etc 

These unlined slings are best without the knife as part of the sling.
Moderate lettering only


  • Suede Lined
  • Left or Right style
  • 25+ colors
  • Free Initials
  • Free Stamped Images


Please answer the following questions in the "Additional Comments" section.

1. Snap option & Border Selection

2. Addition Comments


Please answer the following questions in the "Special Comments" section.

1: What Make/Model weapon?

2: What is the overall length of the rifle/shotgun? (In inches)

3: Caliber of weapon?

4: What is the opening in the swivel units through which the sling ends will slide through?

5: What is the distance from the front & rear swivel units?  (In inches)

6: Sling will be both padded and genuine sude lined

7: If ammo is shown on this sling, how many would you like?  (If not ignore)

8: If a knife is shown in this photo you must send us yours so we can make the sheath, otherwise ignore this item.

9: If floral tooling is shown should I match the tooling?  If not indicate the floral you'd like (See Floral)

10: Did I miss anything?

Cross Bow Padded