Lynn and Sandy Tompkins

                Frontier's Leather Craftsmen

   Every item we made is hand made to each clients           specifications and made of top quality leathers.

       Every client receives the same workmanship

           because everyone is special to us.

Come on in and sit a spell... there's a lot of stuff to see...trust me

IMPORTANT...... Read this First
When you purchase gun leather products from us you can be assured that you are purchasing the top grade leathers available on the American market.

Every item is hand cut from scratch, hand tooled, rubbed and many hand sewn.

Every item on this site was ordered the way it is seen.
Most all items can be ordered for right or left hand.
If you are overwhelmed with all the stuff you are looking at, or don't see exactly what you are looking for...
Call Lynn Direct and get help...267-664-0485

If what you are looking for is not on this site, it does not mean we can not make it.

We will work with you all the way until delivery
All orders are precut the day orders are placed and set aside prior to your start date

Laser Engraving Your Products


Frontier's Heirloom Patches are placed on our leather products so as to be handed down to loved ones like a son or daughter.

Our laser engraving can also be lasered as a leather patch to be
attached to the product or lasered directly on most products such as Holsters, Scabbards, Rifle Slings,
Mares Leg holsters and much more.

Many will have serial No. added if desired
Your Logo may be added

Custom Heirloom patch run from $ 40.00-75.00