1/2 reducer
1/2 med brown
1/2 ox-blood
its the Bill Jordan color
Finish with
Eco-Flo Gel Antique
then resolene
Super light grey
not the Caskey rigMix
1:  98% Fiebings leather dye
2:   few drops blk
3:  1-2 drops blue
Straight medium brown
choc edge  
resolene finish
1: 1/2 Reducer and 1/2 Med
2: Med. brown faded edging
3: Choc edging
1: A Light coat of Lt. Tan
2:  Resolene 1 coat thin
3: Med. Brown
4: Light Med. Brown edging
Now offering Our 26 Color Selection
Color 1
Color 8
Color 4
Color 5
Color 9
Color 12
Color 11
Color 16
Color 15
Color 18
Color 17
The colors which appear on our computer screens for color may vary due to leather types and shades.
We will do our best to provide the colors shown here as close as possible..
If you prefer a color not shown here there is a $75.00 to $100.00 mixing charge additional to any other costs.
Questions:  Call Lynn...Toll Free   267-664-0485
Light Tan
light brown
Ox-Blood with
Black edging
Dark Silver
Medium  Silver
Custom Hand
Dyed Lt. Tans
and Browns...
can be done
only on tooled
NOTE:  Without
any floral tooling
this color will
appear different
on any plain
untooled holster
All Natural with a
clear protective
Light Tan with
Hand done
Light Tan with
Medium brown
with reddish tint
Medium  Brown
with Faded
Black edging
Light  Brown with
Straight Chocolate
If you would like a color not seen above ...yet shown somewhere on our site...just let us know on which page you saw it.
Most items have a name or number attached to it.  You'll also see the page name in the address line at the top of each page.

Having a problem selecting a color?
Call Lynn Direct and He'll help you select the perfect color for your holster, bag or rig.

Lynn is a 48 year color expert in color and color combinations and has designed and mixed all the colors seen on this site.
Color 3
Light Brown
with light brown
and chocolate  
These Unique Silver Black Rigs (8-10) Below are Made ONLY by Frontier Leather Works
from a special recipe that dates back over 200 years
Light to
Medium  Silver
with Black
Color 19
Chocolate with
reddish tint
Color 20
Color 2
Medium Brown
Chocolate Edging
A Favorite
Color 22
Color 27  Flag
If you select this custom American Flag Design
for any items on this site there will be an aditional
charge to the item you order.

The reason for this is that
these beautiful hand colored holsters
and holster rigs are completely done by
hand and much more time is required.

Most All items on our site can have
this awesome Antique American Flag look.
Questions and costs Call
Color 21
Tan Ox-Blood
Medium  Brown
Color 14
Due to the character and textures of individual sheets of
leather during the tanning process we cannot guarantee
exact match to any colors here, but we will come
as close as is humanly possible.
Colors appear
different on
holsters without
basket weave
shown here with a black backfround
Custom Mix
Our Water Buffalo Leathers
(Antique Brown & Black)
are very flexible, yet super tough.

As a leather craftsman
I think this leather ranks among  THE BEST

Makes great shoulder holster rig and
Western Cowboy holster rigs
as well as  Regular Belt Holsters.
See more sample by clicking on the photo to the left
We are a full custom holster shop
Color 7

Only style "C" Lettering
can be used on this
leather..,.,shown here
in 1/2" & 3/4" type

Letters can be darkened as
seen in color # 14
Color 6
Antique Brown
Color 10
This Color is Made
Solely by Frontier
Leather Works
and is a favorite
among many
Color 13
Click This Photo to see
more Buffalo Leather