FREEDOM was earned by the Men and Woman who gave it all...never forgot it!
My Good Friend:  Harold E. Ziegler Patton
Work'in my way across Country
Clean'in up the Mess
I'm comin in... Open these darn doors!
Come out here you creep before I blow your brains out!
Thought I couldn't track you through the corn did yea!  WRONG!!
There he goes shootin pigs in a pen..
"Hey You..STOP!  you ain't goin anywhere stupid!"
I got him good, but he's a still a run'in, but his ass is mine...
Now I'll go in and get that buzzard!
There you look mighty tired there fella...time to say your prayers
Crap..out of ammo again!!! ...I beat his brains in.
Thought you could run, fool, now you just goin died tired!
Time to dress up and head to
town for a little R&R if you
know what I mean!
Stay safe America, and don't forget what
the boys and gals in uniform did to give
you the freedom you have today!
Carry On!
Time to put my rations to sleep and enjoy some fresh meat!  
Still Got My Original Lucky Strikes-Never opened