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Walthers gun leather holsters, Walthers holsters, Walthers western gun leather. Leather holsters for Walthers.  Suede lined Walther leather holsters.
WALTHERS LEATHER HOLSTERS. Leather holsters for Walthers.Walther leather holsteras.
Walthers leather handmade holsters, Walthers paddle holster,
Walthers Custom paddle holsters,Leather paddle holsters. Made in
USA. Walthers pistols, Walthers automatics. Walthers PPQM2
automatic; WalthersPPK/S.22; Walthers PPX; WalthersP99;
Walthers PPS; Walthers PPK; Walthers Pk380; WalthersP22.
Leather holsters for your
Walthers Weapons
Paddle Holsters and any other holster you need
Genuine America Leathers
Suede Lined for weapon Protection

22 Different colors to select from

Left or Right handed

Frontier can make a wide range of holsters for all
Walthers Weapons including:

Shoulder holster, Standard Belt holsters,
Conceal carry holsters and more.

Call for details:      Lynn


and Belt
Suede Lined
holster and
The Dustin Skinner Center Back Water Buffalo
Dual Pistols Holster Rig
This beautiful hand made
dual holster rig can be made for most small to
medium size weapons with barrels not more than 5
inches.  Suede lined holsters.  Add your name and
select one of 27 different colors.
Walther's Black Water Buffalo Cross Draw Holster
Genuine Suede Lined
This holster can be made for left or right hand
shooters.  Comes in 27 different colors and comes
as shoulder holstrs, conceal carry and more.
Call Leather craftsman: Lynn Tompkins
if you have other questions 267-664-0485
The Allison - Walthers P-22 Holsters

Multiple Colors / Free Initials  /  Free Stamp Images
combination Paddle
and Belt Holster.
This photo to show the dual clips
Frontier Walthers OWB-WB-1 Holster
Outside Waist

Back side
(shown to the
right) only is
holster is not

Fits the Walters P-22 although
not shown in this photo

New Recommended Paddle style
Most Comfortable