Wildey gun leather holsters by Frontier Leather Works. Suede lined gun leather holsters,  Wildey leather holsters in 28
different colors.  Wildey all American leather holsters.
Hand Made from
All American Leathers
Left or Right handed
Frontier Leather Works
Will work direct with you to create a
Handmade Custom Wildey Holster of your dreams
Holsters For Sale
.45 Win Mag Custom Hand Made Holster Rig

Suede Lined  /  Hand Made

All American Leathers

Left or Right handed

Over 22 different colors

You may have this rig completely or partially tooled
with any of the designs Frontier offers.   Initials and
any of the 40 images are FREE.  Select any color you
see on our site.



Like most all leather products you have over 25 colors to select from.  There are also 45+ free stamped
and 3 lettering styles to select from...all these are free with your order  Floral Designs are extra so ask
for the additional cost for these floral designs.

To see more click on the small colored boxes above.

Frontier is a full custom shop making all items to your specifications
Both Left and Right Handed holsters are available

Shoulder holster rigs, Western style holster rig and single holsters are available for your Wildey.

Questions:  Call Leather craftsman:  Lynn B. Tompkins   (267-664-0485)  Direct

Frontier Leather Works makes a wide variety of holsters for every Wildey made.
Shoulder holsters, Western Style Holster Rigs, Standard Single Belt holsters
and any otyher configuration you can think of.
Frontier will help you design the rig you've always dreamed about
Work directly with Leather Craftsman: L.B.Tompkins