We are Custom Gun Leasther Makers
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Ruger Alaskan leather and shoulder holsters
Ruger Mark II
Custom Hand Tooled
American Made
Chocolate Edging
All Genuine
Suede Lined
Belt does not have the horse but
does contain the edge tooling
like the holster
The Daniel Smith Ruger Single 6
Custom  .32 Caliber Shoulder Holster with 4 5/8 Barrel
Hand Sewn with a special Threads
for the Frontier Look

The finish is Pure Neatsfoot Oil to
produce the older look and feel
We can make this system for
any weapon...This also fits the
Uberti .45 5 1/2 Barrel
Here's a Western Twist on the
Ruger .22 Semi Automatic Pistol
Made to look older western like
with natural blemishes retained
This Uberti .45 Dual Clip-On Holster can be made for any Weapon
Standard belt loop or Double Clip-On Available
The James Tompkins
Ruger SR-40C  Autoi  Paddle Holster

Like most all products you have 22
different colors to select from.

will use the paddle style
shown to the right

Ruger GP-100  Revolver Spider Holster
Right hand draw Belt Holster.  Suede Lined and
Made in AMERICA, by Americans
Hand Tooled

Made for the
and the
RUGER .38 Revolver
as shown here

Holster shown here was custom cut to
clients specifications.  You may
modify the holster.

Holster Comes with either single
clip-on or belt loop design
Holster Only
Suede lined
Holster and
Ammo Pouch
Suede lined
Both the Auto & Revolver
Holsters are genuine suede lined
Ammo pouch comes
The Neil Fitzgerald
Ruger Alaskan Low Rider
Holster and matching Belt
Suede Lined Holster

Set to the depth you want.
Leg Tie Downs
Silver or Gold

Right or Left Handed
22 Different Colors
The Rowlands
Ruger LCP Box Holster
Hand made for the Ruger LCP
Suede Lined / Comes with
dual clips of belt loops
Dual Clips or Belt Loops
RUGER Blackhawk, Redhawk,
Alaskan Leather Gun Holster
Blackhawk, Redhawk, Alaskan, GP-100, SP-101, 1911, Mark II
Uberti, LCR and LCP, Single 6, P-90, Redhawk and more
Dragon Holsters
For any Weapon you own...shown here with just 2 weapons
Model A
Dragon Holster
Model B
Hair-On Holster
Suede lined  Model A
We will get all the details once you purchase the holster
Suede lined  Model B Hair-On
We will get all the details once you purchase the holster
The Keeley Ruger Rig
Suede lined
holster and knife
with Kydex
lining in sheaths
Lasered Holster
Left or Right
22 different colors
Knife not included
The Sam Snavely
Custom Ruger Combination Holsters
Western Style Rig
will hold both the
Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8
and the Ruger
New Vaquero 3 3/4"  pistols.

The holster is suede lined
Right or left handed / Belt Included
Ruger P-90 Shoulder Rig with Dual Mags
Shown here in Frontier's
Custom Silver Black Coloring
Unique only to Frontier.

Suede lined
Holster and Holster supports
Black Leather type for
top sections of the shoulder rig
Left or Right handed
22 different colors

Snaps are 12 Guage Shotgun Concho's
The Melvin Clapperton 1911 Ruger Combo
Holster and matching Belt
22 free colors to select from.
Free stamp images and lettering
Questions:  Just call 267-664-0485
Holster is Genuine
suede lined
Belt is not
Water Buffalo Leather Shoulder Rig
Shown with Matching Waist Belt
Single holster shoulder rig
without the mag portion.

Dual shoulder rig
as shown here.

Add a Matching Waist Belt
To see more close up photos just
click on any of these photos.
The Ruger SR 40C Auto wrapped in our newest leather
Antique Brown Water Buffalo
Genuine Suede Lined Shoulder Rig
Left or Right Handed holsters
The Clayton Leverett
Custom Ruger Alaskan
This hand crafted Custom sewn holster
comes in Genuine Suede lining.

Left or Right anded available

Free initials    22 free colors
Shown here in all natural color

45 Free Stamp Images

Holster only   $270.00

Holster & matching Belt
for $385.00 more
Belt will be suede lined , not hand sewn... and will match color
Holster ONLY
The James Bullins
Ruger SP-101 -  2 1/4" Custom Holster with Ammo Loops
Genune Suede Lined
27 different colors
With or Without
Ammo Loops
Free stamp image of
your choice.
Left or Right handed
Both Holster and Belt
Holster is suede lined, belt is not
The Angie Prosser Paddle Holster
Ruger LCR
Suede Lined

Can be made
for left or Right

Ruger Vaquero Custom Dual BIRDHEAD Holster
This custom lasered Birdhead
is available for immediate shipping.  It can be carried in 2 different
positions both a straight and right hand cross draw.
Thumb Break Version
Holster Only:  $229.00

Holster & matching belt: $298.00
Suede Lined
Hand made in
Strasburg, PA
The Bryan Largent  Ruger SP-101  4 inch barrel  left or right handed Basket weave holster

Suede Lined

Left or Right
28 colors
Free Initials

Can be made for any
barrel length

Above you can see our Spider
Holsters made for the 1911's;
Colt .357 and M-9

Limited Edition Holsters
Ruger LC9 Holsters
Shown here with  feather design..many others designs are available
Can be ordered for left or right handed
Genuine Suede lining / Silver or gold hardware / 27 free colors / 45 free stamped images
Floral designs are extra (like the feather above.

Can be made with standard belt loops or Clip-On Versions
with initials & free
stamp image
with initials if
Plain Version with or
without initials
1 Free stamped Image can be added
Floral Feather
Initials can be added if room exists
Plain GP-100
Holsters without all
the fancy tooling are

Includes Edge
tooling and Initials
if desired
Dual Snaps will be used
on all Pouches.
22 different colors
Initials  Included
The Kevin Fisher Custom Ruger OWB-WB-1 Holster
Outside Waist band
Holster Suede Lined
Holster not lined
Can be made with belt

Part Genuine Water
Buffalo hide

Can be made IWB

RUGER   Ankle Holsters
different colors
The Brandon Fisher
Genuine Antique Water Buffalo Rig
Shown here for the
Ruger GP-100
4 inch

Right Hand and Draw
Can be made
for Left hand
             The Jax
Holster made for most every weapon L-R handed
Any Caliber  -  Genuine Thick Suede Lined
This Ruger .480 Custom Made
Holster has been designed and
handmade to be used for
hunting and handed down to
Steve's son when he reaches
21 years of ago.
RUGER  LCP  Mini-LCP-1 Clip-On Holster
Made for Right & Left Handed
Genuine Suede Lining
Either Velcro or Snap Retaining strap
Made for most all small weapons

Both  your
initials and any
stamped images
are included
with this holster.

22 different

Handmade Made
in the Great USA

Mini LCP-1
The Craig Van Slyke
Ruger SP 101 Thumb Break Holster
Ruger SP-101
Thumb Break

22 different colors
Genuine Suede

Like all our holsters and most leather
products, this holster comes in both right
and left handed versions and offers over 22
different color, free initials and stamped
The Harold Ziegler WRANGLER Holster
Shown here is the
Ruger Wrangler .22 LR
4.5 inch barrel Holster
Genuine Antique brown
Water Bullafo leather.

Made for both left and right
handed shooters.

The JB
Super Redhawk

Flap Over Holster
and matching Double
Leathered Belt
Holster Suede Lined

The Two Ruger Super Blackhawk Cross Draw Right-handed Holsters below
are available for immediate shipping (5.5" barrel)
Hammer String on both
Also Fits most
western pistols
under 6" barrels