Client Progress  Update Report
Here you can witness the progress of a few of our Clients Orders as they are being completed.
Nelson Martinez ....Leathercraftsman, Lynn  Tompkins Tooling His Holster
This holster is being
Hand made
By Frontier's
Master Leather Craftsman
L.B. Tompkins

and will house
Hi Standard .22
9+ inch pistol

The Floral design
also contains his initials:
in style

Shown here while still partly
wet...once dried dye processes begin
John Scotti       Beaver Bag  Update
Progress Report
Lettering and Images
Special Payments
Bruno...Progress Report starts here
Dual Remington 1858 western style holster rig
This is the progress record of a Custom Beaver Tail Possible Bag with real beaver hide flap
Designed specifically for Christine Trogdon
progress will be shown from start to finish
The Knife
will be able to fit
both in the front
and back sides of
the straps
The General layout design, not
showing the shoulder straps, nor hide
The Basic leather pieces that
will make up the beaver Tail Bag
The small inside pouch is shown in position. The
actual beaver hide is shown to the right and will
be sewn to the leather it sits on in this photo
Here is the small inside pockets what will be
sewn to the main bad...this small pouch will not
be seen when the beaver tail flap is down.
Even the small flap on this inside poiuch
is in the beaver tail design
Basic Shoulder straps and some of the
hardware that will be used
The Powder Horn
will be attached
with stronger
straps  than
shown here
This entire beaver Tail Possible Bag
will be hand crafted.  No machines
will be used.  It will be antiqued &
aged using a secret process known
only to Frontier Leather Works
Leather craftsman.
It will have the appearance of being
aged, but actually be top high grade
new leathers used throughout.

This is a One-of-A-Kind
Possible bag and will not be
exactly duplicated again
The Dye Process
This possible Hunting Bag is water proofed and
has a special waterproof flap.
This Powder horn looks best with this bag.
Don't get confused...Called me so I can help you find what you're looking for.
Your Leather craftsman:  Lynn 267-664-0485
email me at:
Today October 13, 2020
We had the honor of making Ella and Layla, and their friend their Suede Purses along with a change purse.
Mom came along too.

Thank you Ella & Layla for helping
make those beautiful Pocketbooks
Both Ella and Layla Shannon
are both home schooled and were a
pleasure having them in our shop to
make these beautiful blue suede purses.

Their parents Steve and Heidi are
wonderful parents who spend
time teaching their children
in the things of the Lord and it
shows in these beautiful young ladies.
Layla & Ella watching the tooling done on the patches
which will be attached to their purses
Layla is rounding off the
corners of her purse
Layla is learning how to rounding off
the corners of her purse with a special corner tool.
The girls are learning how to put #20 snaps
on the flaps of their purses.
Layla is about to sew on the leather machine
Ella is about to sew on the leather machine.
Here she uses a practice piece of suede
After cutting out the leather patches, Layla
watches her patch being tooled
After a few hours of teaching Ella and Layla
present the new suede purses to the camera
After a few hours of teaching Ella and Layla
present the new suede purses to the camera