The value of our troops who serve this great country
cannot and shall not be overlooked nor can it be forgotten.

They are volunteers who both see the need
to preserve America and serve her best interests.

They are Loyal Americans
and unlike some who would attempt to degrade them as
threats to our nation, they are not, but rather the
Ultimate Blessing to all peoples who love Freedom & Liberty

Beginning in 2012 we will begin showing our clients and friends who have both served in the past
and those who are presently serving our Great Nation, both at home and abroad.

If you have a loved one in the military and wish us to post his / her picture here
please send us a digital picture along with their name, rank, branch of service and place of service
and any other information you'd like...we'd be honored to place them here
to  both honor them and to pray for their safe return home.
Some pictures cannot be enlarged depending on format sent to us...we will do our best however.

If you are offended by the contents of this page...why not just leave this site...and the United States of America
Anthony Fraccarolli...leaving Fort Hood
Being deployed to Afganistan...returning December 2012
May God
Keep you
Can Be
"Out Out Sweet Candle"
Oh dear Michael...
How we love and miss you son
Sgt. Michael and Sgt.
John Tompkins

U. S. Marines and
Proud of It!
May God Protect and Bless
All Who Serve and Protect
and Her freedom-loving people
Follow me if I
Kill me if I Retreat
Avenge me if I am
Of the eight children of mine, and two of Sandy's ...
Four (4) served our Great Nation in the Military.
Three (3) were Marines and One (1) Served on a Sub.

My one son,  Marine Sgt Michael J. Tompkins
died in 2001.

My youngest son, Marine Sgt.  Jonathan E. Tompkins
was blown to bits by a Sniper in Iraq...
Yet John made it thanks to our dedicated Navy Medic's on the battlefield and
The Bethesda Naval Hospital Staff in Bethesda, Maryland.
Today Jonathan heads up the
Pennsylvania Keystone Wounded Warrior Program
and his family is so Proud of him...Thanks again Son

To My Children and Your children who Offer their
Lives In Defense of Our LIBERTY & FREEDOM....
We Dedicate this Page and This Website
Don't Try Telling Our Military that
Our Liberty and Freedom are Free!
My Sons
Michael and Jonathan Tompkins
Depending on Divine Guidance & Protection
Randy Page...Serving in Afganistan
3rd ID at Fort Stewart
Lt. Col. Randy Page
An American Hero to all Americans.
Randy is presently deployed
in Kandahar, Afghanistan
and due back home
Soon this year

Randy was badly injured by an IED while
being deployed in Mosul, Iraq while on a
MITT Team.

This is his 6th deployment

He is married to the lovely
Sherry Page

He enjoys Traditional Bow Hunting,
making his own arrows and flint napping
We here at Frontier Leather Works, as well as thousands of other
Thankful and FREE Americans Thank You Randy
for the sacrifice both you and your family have made over these years.
May God bless everything you do my friend!

America is a much better place because of You!
For you who live in or
near Richmond Hills,
Let's Give Randy
when he
arrives home
late Aug.
Early Sept
A m e r i c a
Made Possible By Their Blood