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Old West Gun Leather and
Custom Western
Leather Holsters...and Your Western Heros
When we think of custom leather gun holsters we think of the Old West days when cowboys
roamed the wild west and our western Hero's in White Hats were constantly chasing down those Bad
Guys in Black.   Those were the days when we woke up on Saturday morning, turned on that "snowy"
TV and imagined ourselves riding with the best of the best.   Most of our here's are gone today but
their story lives on in the gun leather and western holsters we wear today.   Those were the "Good
Old Days" when life seemed quieter and moved at a much slower pace.   

Times have certainly changed have they not!  But one thing that remains is the sweet memory of
our childhood...days filled with playing cowboys and indians, running through the woods, making forts
and crating the fastest stick horse in the west.   How well I recall that stick horse between my legs as I
ran down those dusty trails stirring up as much dust as I could...eating the dust of those "Injins" I was
a chas'in.

While those great childhood days are now part of the past, the sweet memories are not.  Today I
still dream of what it would have been like to have lived in those wild west days.
Robbers holding up banks, towns people blasting away as those dirty crooks rode away and the
Sheriff gathering his deputies to go after them.  Good guys running down those bad guys.

Well you not only can dream of those good old days...you can now be apart of those men and
women that were your hero's.   Frontier Leather Works can custom make you that western leather
holster your favorite western hero wore.  That's right!   Let's check out some of the all leather, hand
made gun leather holster recently made by Frontier Leather Works.

Take some time now and check out the beautiful custom leather gun holsters produced
by one of America's leathercraftsman.  In the Taurus Judge sections you will find dozens of
examples of both western gun leather holsters and a wide range of colors used by Frontier's leather
holster craftsmen.

Please feel free to call Your personal leathercraftsman - Mr. Lynn Tompkins if you
have any questions at all.   All leather holster gun rigs are hand cut, hand dyed and hand tooled to
your specifications.   Many are also hand sewn.  All are one of a kind custom designed leather
holster rigs and are beautiful heirlooms that can be handed down for generations to come.   What a
gift for a son or grandson!   Our leather holster gun rig
are also engraved on the inside of the rigs with leather patches that look something like the patch
shown here.   " In Memory of " leather patches can also be inserted for a loved one that has passed.  

Order yours today:  866-405-1899 for more details
These are just a few of the
Custom leather Holster Rigs
Hand Made of the
Leather Craftsmen at
Frontier Leather Works
Work directly with the one making your holster rig
Why Not call Lynn Today 866-405-1899
Now you  can order a Custom Holster
Just for yourself


Own Your
The Marshall Lee Goudy Western Buffalo Rig...2 holsters one belt
Call Leathercraftsman, Lynn Tompkins
for details and pricing options.   1-866-405-1899
(toll free)
You select the holsters, colors and buckle
We'll do the rest for you...and why not drive
You can drive out
watch your very own
Western Rig
being made
and fit to
YOU while you're here
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You've waited all these years to own a
Western Rig like this...Now's the time