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Sheaths can also be ordered for any knife you purchase
Knives, knives and more knives. Frontier offers a wide range of knives from butterfly knives, tactical knives, automatic knives, combat knive and
knives, gerber knives, CASE knives, kitchen knives and knives for sale, knife for sale,  Nylon or custom made leather sheathers. Danes with
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Frontier Leather Works Proudly Presents
The Original
Dances With Wolves Knifes and Sheaths
Shown here just for your pleasure...they are not for sale
Custom Knife

Frontier Leather Works
Strasburg, Pennsylvania will Custom make
a sheath for your knife...
We do not show all the knife sheath
on this page that we have made.

Call us today for pricing
Toll Free:
Corbet Gomoke
Frisco, Texas
Custom Modified R-14
The layout of a R-14 Jay Love western rig with custom knife
Ed Redman
Los Alamos, NM

Jay Love Rig
See how it's made below
Actual WWII
Burmese Knives
Sheriff Conde's
Western Rig - AZ
Dual Knife Shoulder Rig
to Order This
Shoulder Rig
Shown here are just some
samples of hand made sheaths
in natural leather

Frontier Leather Works
can make your sheath...
just send us your knife.

All hand made in
Pennsylvania, USA
Sean Ely...Rockaway, NJ
Custom Knife Sheath
Actual Color
is darker
than the
photos show
here due to

Thanks Sean

I added a second heavy
duty snap on the sheath
to help secure the knife
more securely
The " ThunderSnow " Rig
To See this entire
Native American Rig
Just click on this
large Picture of the
Knife and Sheath

By January 10th, 2013
Frontier Leather Works
will be offering a wide variety of knives for your purchase.

They are offered for two reasons:
1:  For the knife itself

2:  To purchase and have added to your order
since you may not own one.
This 5" Blade Knife is for the
Standard Rifle Slings
Frontier Pioneer
Wood Handle,  10" Blade with nylon sheath
15" Overall
With Nylon Sheath
Trapper Double Bladed Pocket Knife
Delrin Handle,  3" Blade
3.85" Overall
With Nylon Sheath

Now take a few minutes and check out some of the
applications below for these knives or any knife you might own.
Quality Knives
Knives, Knives and More Knives
Nice Selection,  Great Prices
But before we begin we'd like to introduce you to two (2) special knives and their sheaths
PK-4     $8.95
PK-6    $14.95
PK-3     $14.95
PK-15    $24.95
PK-8     $21.95
PK-13     $29.95
PK-14    $19.95
PK-16    $39.95
PK-12     $24.95
PK-11     $21.95
PK-20    $49.95
PK-28   $39.95
PK-31   $24.25
18" Machete
nylon sheath
2 available
PK-23   $49.95
inch blade
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picture to see
more of this
set or to order
one like it on
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