If you are ordering a rig such as the one shown above,
measure the length of the back straps according to the picture....
It will be important to measure across your back from
armpit to armpit.     
 Here you see it's 14"

You may have questions..Just call me  1-866-405-1899
When you are finished measuring email me the numbers.
EXAMPLE:  Step 1 is 14"   Step 2 is 42"   etc.   That's It!
If you have an idea for a shoulder holster send it to us.
You can go to "GOOGLE...IMAGES"  select one you like, send it to us and
we'll have a better idea of exactly what you are looking for.
If you have questions or get confused...Just call me...
I'll walk you through it...FAIR ENOUGH!
Measure from the arm pit
to the bottom of your belt...
Here we see it's 13"
Measure your chest at the
width breath...
Here we see it's 38"
Measure around the
entire armpit snugly...
We will add correct spacing
Measure from armpit to
armpit going around the
back of the neck
This will be your final
Take a measuring tape and
measure your back side
like shown above.
Look at step 4...that's how it
will look from the front view.
This is very important because
this measurement will make
your rig fit properly.
Here's another thought...

How to Measure Yourself for a Shoulder Holster
Call Us

Step 1

Start with one single
piece of
heavier type paper
(or tape 2 sheets together). . .

Holding a pen straight up and down
trace the first side.  

Be careful

not to move

the weapon.

Step 2

Now, very carefully, roll the
weapon over to the other side
and trace it again...

Be extremely careful when
rolling the weapon over to
trace the other side
the distance between the
two half's determines
the width of your holster

Step 3

Now that both
half's of your
weapon have
been outlined
must determine
the shape
of the top
(Crown) of the holster.

NOW...Take the paper dummy and
wrap it around your weapon
as shown to the right.

Pinch the paper cut out like shown Above.

You should be able to pinch
1" all along
the weapon from top to bottom without
touching the weapon.

Now Go to
Step 6 Below for the Last Step

Although the perfect way to create a holster is for us to have your weapon overnight...
The next best method is for you to carefully trace your weapon...this is not a guarantee
of a perfect fit,  but we will do our best... it may involve sending you a paper dummy for approval...
but in the end we will get it right! for you...  
Call Us Toll Free   267-664-0485

Below you will find 2 different methods for making a dummy paper holster.
1:  You making it from scratch...there are 6 steps
2:  We send you a paper dummy...there are 11 steps
Both are simple and will work well
if you follow each step as shown.
You're Doing Great!

Now that you have traced the
complete outline shown here
and determined the top (crown)
shape of the holster you need to draw
dotted lines 1" from the side solid lines

In the picture above I've decided that
I want the Trigger assembly covered
completely so I've drawn a dotted line
above the trigger while allowing the
grip to remain outside of the holster.

Using Scissors,
cut out along
the dotted lines only

Step 6 Making The Strap
for your Holster
Finally take a 3/4" piece of paper with
which you will make the strap which
will hold your weapon in place.

Tape the sides of the paper holster
so the weapon can slide in & out of the
paper dummy... Place a 3/4" paper strap
over the weapon as it sits in the holster.

Before marking where you'd like the
snap to be sure it's in an
area away from any metal contact
with the sure don't
want to scratch your weapon

With your weapon positioned in the paper
dummy, bring the paper strap over the weapon
to the front of the holster.
(Picture Below)
Indicate where you'd like the Snap
Place a dot on
the exact spot
where the rivit
will attach to
the holster
Here I've moved
the strap aside so
you can see the
red dot which will
become the rivit
hole...Be sure
they line up when
the weapon is in
the holster.

What are you waiting
for... you did
a great job my friend...

Send it to me so I can
make your holster

Our address is:
Frontier Leather Works
835 Stively Road
Strasburg, PA  17579
1-866-405-1899 Toll Free

I will follow
your dummy exactly
There are 6 Easy Steps if you make the dummy holster
to making a Paper prototype for your holster...from which your leather holster will be cut
What are you waiting for my
friend..YOU'RE DONE.
Now mail it to me:
Frontier leather Works
835 Stively Road
Strasburg, PA  17579
if you have any questions
Here's your
cut out  from
the dotted
Indicate where Front Snap will go.  
Be sure the snap will
not touch metal of gun
Back side
of Holster
Front side
of Holster

This Page has been designed to help you produce
a paper pattern and get proper measurements
Revolvers, Automatics, Standard Belts, Shoulder Rigs
Double Western Rigs & Butt Stock Covers
How to measure properly for your Custom Double Rigs
We're going to let "BOB" (Our dummy) show you how...4 simple steps
Front View of a
Total Waist at the hips is 35"
Your Belt size belly button to belly button
Starting with the right side...measure from the center point
where you would like the holster to center on opposite leg.
Begin measuring as shown below.
Measure across your front to the other side where
you want the holster to center on the opposite leg.
The total inches across your front side is:  17"
Starting with the left  side...measure around
your back from the point where you would like the holster
to center on the opposite leg.
Begin measuring as shown below.
Record the measurement across your back from one
holster center to the opposite holster center.
Here the measurement around your back is: 18"
Double check your pant size (35")
To the Front (17") and back the measurements (18")
The Total must be the same...35"
The Red Line is the center line
The holster should feel comfortable in this position
If you have an old holster, place it where it feels best
and take measurements from that center point
Since the Double Holster Rig is worn over your normal belt and pants...Frontier leather craftsman, Lynn Tompkins
will add 3-4 inches to the rig using your final measurements as a basis.  We will custom build your rig accordingly.   For this reason
that you double check all your measurements before providing them to Frontier for production.
You are paying good hard earned money for your rig and the numbers you supply us must be right...Fair Enough my friend!
A Western Rig worn over
normal belt and pants
A Western Rig worn over
normal belt and pants
Using an old holster to
find the best fit on the leg
NEED HELP - 866-405-1899  Glad to help you
The Proper Way to measure the barrel length of your weapon
The Right Way for a Revolver..Do not
include the chamber
The Right Way for a Semi-Auto
The Wrong Way for a Revolver
The Wrong Way for a Semi-Auto
How to measure your rifle or shotgun stock for
leather butt end covers
The total measurement around the butt
end is 11 inches
The total measurement around the front
end is 8 3/4 inches
The total width of the cover is 5 inches
From the end of the muzzle to the rear of the ejection chamber
From the end of the muzzle to the front of the cylinder
How it's Made...Step by Step
How to Setup your paper dummy
that will help us make your Dual Holster Cowboy holster rig
1:  Wrap the dummy around your waist area  you plan on
wearing the rig.  Be sure the buckle is centered on your
body as shown above..CENTER BODY.
In these 2 photos you can see how the actual
holster will center on the red lines that run down
the center of the leg (the gig line)
3:  With the white holster sections taped or stapled in
place...mark the center back as shown above.  
2:  Once the waist belt is in place tape or staple the 2
white sections so that they line up with the "GIG LINE". The
Gig line is the center line on your leg...see the red line in
these photos.
Here you can see both the left and right side