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Cowboy Action shooting and firearms are the craze of the modern cowboy.  
Old West guns, revolvers and rifles are experiencing a great comeback and
rightfully so.   This includes firearms such as Single action revolvers, Black
powder, Muzzle loaders, Black powder cartridge guns, cowboy action rifles,
flintlocks and long rifles along with the modern pistol replica
seen at cowboy action shoots everywhere.

The modern Cowboy Action Shooter demands the finest not only in
weapons but the western leather holsters needed to house these popular weapons.   
That's where Frontier Leather Works comes into the picture.

Fine quality is
Frontier Leather Works
All Rigs are custom designed

So You Want a Custom Leather Cowboy Action Holster Rig Do You?
Red River Valley
Western Style Cowboy Action Holster
This rig is completely suede lined.
Custom Made to fit you

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