Shapes and Ideas start to formulate into what will become a Custom Dragon Rig
Automag Dragon holster and holster rigs in western
style. Automag dragon holsters made for Andrew.
From the Roll to the Final product
Completely Hand Crafted
to your Specifications

This page is here to show you the steps involved in production a Custom Rig.   In this case the...
D R A G O N     R I G
Custom Leather Holster
Layout, Sketches and Designs start to come together in pieces
It Began with a
Phone Call from Andrew
...And was followed by this
Four (4) Prototype Holsters
are made to fit the
Automag before the
rig belt is cut
Art work is Drawn and set
up for the custom Laser
work that must go into
this custom rig
With the Shape and Basic Design in Mind
Every Scale is hand tooled one at a time
While the
Dragon Head
will not be apart of
Andrew's Rig
we thought it
would be fun
to carve one
on a dummy holster
just to tease
Here you can see the detailed hand work
that went into this rig.   There were
approx. 145 hours involved in just the tooling

With the
Laser Work
Complete it is
placed on the rig
to get an idea of
final positioning
Here you can see the belly area with
punched holes that will secure the
fiberglass type composite rail upon
which the AutoMag will slide in on.
The Knife Sheath now takes form
Lynn starts with a roll of raw leather
and a pile of paper work and
specifications from Andrew
It will take Lynn
nearly 20 hours to
tool the belt alone.
Relief and final dye
work will create a
silver,black and
greenish finish
This is the swivel tooling knife
used to carve every scale
A 18 round ammo strip will be place here below the above  patch
Time to see how the Hardware looks before we secure them in place
This is the AutoMag that inspired
the Dragon Rig you see below
The Holster Band now takes form.....
The Rig begins to take on a form of it's own
The Delicate work to dye the entire rig
Frontier is using a dye originally used in Early America
and made by leathercraftsman Lynn Tompkins

This dye takes 10 days to complete
14 Ammo loops being sewn on
Suede Lining first glued into position...
It will later be sewn on also
The Internal Weapon Rail is sewn into the holster

The Friction Free
Weapon Rail Custom
made by Andrew for
his Auto Mag
is now hand sewn into
the suede lined
custom holster.

Also notice the claw
screws have been
exposed inside the
holster if ever the
claws need tightening

With the
rail in position
the weapon can
be removed
easier than in a
normal holster
Let's see how things are looking and where the parts will be placed...
Hummmmmmm...looking nice
Check out the
within the rig.

Light changes
the colors as
the rig moves
The Skull will be flush
when completed
The Ammo Clip
fits snugly into the
Knife Sheath
There are many parts to the
Knife Sheath and the entire
unit must be hand sewn
together as a single unit.

Turned out nice!
After Months of prototypes and samples this rig is coming together Now
The Scales
Change Color
when the
light hits them
Completed:  June 8,2012

All oils have been returned to the rig

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Lynn 267-664-0485
The Thumb Break
is designed and fitted to the holster
Shown here in paper template
Sandy shows us the Knife as it appears on the belt
A Regular Belt is added to match the rig
This Lasered Leather Patch is secured to the inside of the Dragon Belt...
Notice the Serial Number...It's the very FIRST Dragon Rig of this nature ever
made by Frontier Leather Works.
Beacuse of the weight of this sheath we added a special
removable strap snap to double secure the sheath to the
.This is unseen when being worn.
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