" Lynn, you really out did yourself.   As you know I am very
picky when it comes to leather gear especially for my favorite pistols.

I've got drawers full of holsters I paid good money for that
didn't make the cut.   Cross draw holsters that are
both comfortable to carry, easy to draw from and comfortable
when seated always seem hard to find.

I'm especially impressed that you were able to
blend a really comfortable Cross Draw AND
a well  thought out Straight drop strong side
into ONE holster.   

The attention to detail and beautifully etched Auto Mag logos
in both the holster and mag pouches are a perfect
compliment to an exotic pistol that deserves nothing but the best.
I don't expect to get much shooting done when
I wear this one to the range.  

The LAR Grizzly rig you made for me has already
proven to be a magnet for questions, ooos and ahhs.
Before too many discover you and you raise your prices."

Thanks again,
Marcus   Coopersburg, PA
Dear Lynn,
" After speaking with you the other day I checked your website for my rig and was just
It was exactly what I had envisioned.   Color, texture, style.
Then, today, the  UPS truck arrived  (the scene was something like "The Wells Fargo
wagon is a'comin down the street..."from The Music Man)".   I didn't think it could get any
better than what I  saw on the website, but, up close,
what our forefathers had in mind    " Made in America ".   
My wife, not a professional seamstress by trade, but could be, was equally impressed.   
Her first question was, "Do they make handbags?'..I'll have her check your website.   
Thanks you, again, for your time discussing the details for this rig, letting me know when
it  was finished
(record time for a handmade item) and for your overall friendliness.   I wish you and
Sandy all the success you can handle and hope
your lives continue to flourish.. .Anchors Aweigh! "
Tom Neagele..... Lawrenceburg, IN

" Let me start by saying how awesome this custom antiqued bag really is.   
I love the rich antique finish, and the style of the bag as well.   
It's exactly what I ordered!  
I can't wait to use it and look forward to years of usage.   
It's the perfect size for the weekend getaway.
What an amazing One-of-a-Kind bag.   
Great Work! "
Remelle Adams,     Mont Clare, PA
Antiqued Bag
Remelle Adams

Do you have questions about any of our products?
Feel free to e-mail me, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Have an idea about a product... e-mail me today....I'd love to hear your thoughts


"More than I ever expected
I'm in shock over what I'm looking at...it's absolutely PERFECT...
I just don't believe the incredible about of time you put into making my Raging Bull Such a beautiful
piece of art...this is art you know!   I'm afraid of wearing it in the woods, I don't
want to scratch it up.   The way you blended the colors together is
breath-taking to say the least..how did you do that?   The holster
rig by far exceeded all my expectation...WOW!
I'm going to my brothers home...he's going to die when he sees this.   
Thanks Lynn, I can't believe how fast you made my rig!"
John Beiler, Lancaster County, Pa.

Frontier Leather Works'
Clients Speak Out
and say what's on their minds

Complete Custom
Raging Bull
Holster Rig has a
New Master
John Beiler
A Word from Josh R. Pennington:

" I can't thank you enough for the amazing holster rig you made for
me.   Everywhere I take it, and everyone who sees it, has
complimented the expert craftsmanship.  
Every time I take it to the range  I have people ask me where I got it.   
I now carry your business cards in my jeep
so I can have them on me all the time.  
Thank you again for the outstanding work.   
I am proud to own it and wear it! "

Josh Pennington, East Earl, Pennsylvania
And Frontier is Proud of you Josh!   

Thanks for serving the USA.

" I was always worried that I'd order a rig and get
something other than what I expected, but this entire
rig was designed and crafted exactly the way I wanted it.  

And I also thought it would take months to design
and make such a complicated rig, but to my surprise
I received a call six (6) days after I had placed the
orderstating that the entire rig was ready for
my final fitting and pick up.   

What a surprise!  
And It fits PERFECT ! "   

Josh B. Glick
Quarreyville, Pennsylvania
Combination Holster Rig Owner
Joshua B. Glick

" I ordered this Taurus Judge .45/.410 custom holster Friday and
received a call the following day stating that my rig was completed.  

What excellent service and great craftsmanship.   
I am pleased to say it's exactly what I wanted."

Dennis DanKanich
Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Taurus JUDGE
Holster Owner
New Raging Bull Sliding Taurus Holsters
Unique Joshua Glick Quad Holster Set
Custom Blended Neagele 3" Double Strap Judge
Custom 3" 2-Tone Brown  3" Judge
Custom Grizzly Carry All Antique Travel Bag
United States Marine Holster Rig
The Michael Andrew
Clint Eastwood Western Rig
"Since I was a child watching those great westerns I've always wanted to
live back in those Old West days and I always dreamed of
owning a true western rig.

For years I have been looking for a unique holster to saddle my pistol
and finally someone told me about Frontier Leather Works
of  New Holland, Pennsylvania.  
I called and spoke to Lynn and Sandy Tompkins (The Owners)
to see if they could possibly make a custom western holster for my gun.

I immediately drove to their shop, and after seeing a number of rigs they
had made, I asked Lynn if he could make the rig that
Clint Eastwood wore in some of his movies.  

He was excited with the idea, especially after seeing my Colt .44 and
immediately began forming ideas in his head and within minutes he was
cutting the pattern.  And My rig was done sooner than I ever expected!

Lynn did an exceptional job creating my custom holster rig...he seems to
have an excitement about the work he does for his clients.
Both My search and my life-long dream for a custom holster
rig is now complete...
What a great job!   
Thank you Lynn and Sandy for your time and insight!"

Michael Andrew
Terre Hill, Pennsylvania

"I live in rural north central Pennsylvania.   The only problem was a suitable holster.  Locally
the only option was a paddle holster which I find uncomfortable and awkward to wear.  Not
one to spend time searching the and workmanship.   It arrived with a lifetime guarantee
against defects as well.   The true test though was  how it would ride on my hip throughout the
course of the day.   I could not have been more impressed.  
The holster sets the revolver at perfect height for perfect retrieval.   It doesn't slide or tilt, but
rather stays in place with a comfortable ride.   A perfect choice at an amazing price.

A friend, retired after a career in law enforcement, was asked for his opinion.   I knew his
experience and knowledge from half a lifetime of daily carry of every sort of firearms from
revolvers to automatics would
be a worthwhile opinion since I was considering ordering another holster from Frontier.   
After about ten seconds of scrutiny, he looked at me and said,
"this isn't just a holster it's a
beautiful heirloom!"

If you are considering a holster matching to your exact needs, don't make a decision until
you contact Lynn at Frontier Leather Works.  Hand crafted beauty, one of a kind holster
with splendid service, warranty and price.   As you can see from the photo, I now have three
Frontier holsters.   
I can't make a higher recommendation than that my friend."                      
Marty Marcinko, Pennsylvania

Frontier's Purpose is to
produce quality Leather
products that are first pleasing
to us before we ever ship them
out to our clients.

Why be in business if it's
not to please our Clients!
Marty's New Box
for his
No. American GUARDIAN
Click here to see More
Mike seems to like his western rigs...
Here's his second one
Brand New AutoMag & Grizzly Rigs
Rig Owner
Another Satisfied Client - Marty Marcinko, writes saying...
Notice The Hand Sewn Quality
US Marine
Four Pistols
Taurus .45/.410 JUDGE
Tom Neagele

"I don't know what to say...it's so
much more than I thought
I'd get...this WOW, this is a
dream come true for me.  
holster since I was a kid.  
Now I have one.


Leroy Fisher
Lancaster County, PA
The Leroy Fisher .357 Custom Western Rig
Bob Hall of  North Port, Florida has a dream come true
Dear Frontier Leather Works,
"I received my custom Buffalo
rig today in the mail,
Oh My God!   It was Beautiful!
Webster Dictionary defines "Custom Built " as
"built to order / according to
the customers specifications."

Lynn and Sandy of Frontier Leather Works have met and
surpassed the criteria Webster and myself could ever imagine.  

As I opened the box I found a custom made well bubble wrapped
Judge Holster, ammo belt and knife sheath.   It had been
completely hand cut leather, hand sewn and finished in a rich
Ox-Blood finish with buffalo concho,, solid silver buffalo coin
incorporated into the holster band and the knife I had sent him
sitting in its new sheath....
We now call this "The Buffalo Rig."
I could not believe the attention to detail, craftsmanship and
quality of this rig.   As I think back on the phone conversations
and e-mails I had with Lynn, as he custom designed and built my
rig, the words "Customer Satisfaction" come to mind.   

Maybe Webster should have included these two words
in the definition of Custom Made."
Thank you Lynn and Sandy
for a True work of art!

Your friend,   
Bob Hall     North Port, Florida
C. Victor Signor
Locke, New York
Hello Lynn and Sandy,
I got my holster (rig) last week.
Just wanted to tell you it
and I'm very pleased.  You are Gifted!
I hope this finds you and Sandy well and your son
is in our thoughts and prayers
Vic Signor
SIGNOR FARMS - Locke, New York
Fiore Artigliere, (USAF Ret.)
Frederick, MD
Dear Lynn,
Today I received my completed Large Knife Sheath and wanted you to know how extremely pleased I am with it!
The materials, craftsmanship and overall appearance of the piece are absolutely outstanding.   I feel privileged to have
collaborated with you on the design of it.   As you know, the knife is of a very unique design and I could not get anyone else to
make the sheath at the fair price that you gave me.   In fact, several people specializing in custom leather work turned down my
request.   You took on the task, and presented me with a piece that I, (and my grandson to whom it will be handed down to as an
heirloom), will always consider it to be a one-of-a-kind work of a very special artist.     Along with this letter you will find enclosed
in a box a small token of my appreciation for your excellent work.   It is my hope that you will take the time and make something
special for yourself....Again, I thank you.
Fiore Artigliere, (USAF Ret.)
Above is the Special WOLF
Knife Fiore Sent Lynn
2 Samples of Our Shoulder Rigs
Normally one would not think
when these two gentlemen
pulled into your home
on their bikes.

Well think again!

These Former  LAPD
Police Officers
have joined to open the
TS Investigations, Inc.
993 Old Eagle School Road
Suite 412
Wayne, PA   19087
Office:  1-818-321-7322
John Smith
Kevin Turner
are seen here wearing their
new custom
R-1000 Style
Shoulder Rigs
rig is the Ox-Blood with
Blackened edging.
is wearing a custom Brown
with Chocolate edging
Need Help..Give these guys a call...and check out their site
The Rig is completely concealed
John E. Smith                                    Kevin M. Turner
Don't get confused...Called me so I can help you find what you're looking for.
Your Leather craftsman:  Lynn 267-664-0485
email me at:
Don't get confused...Called me so I can help you find what you're looking for.
Your Leather craftsman:  Lynn 267-664-0485
email me at:
Don't get confused...Called me so I can help you find what you're looking for.
Your Leather craftsman:  Lynn 267-664-0485
email me at:
Now let's take a closer look at these Gentlemen when
they are on the job and not "undercover".

A word form John and Kevin

" Kevin M. Turner and John E. Smith, are retired members of the Los
Angeles Police Department.  Together we have 40 years of service in
the law enforcement community working in Los Angeles, Americas,
second largest city.   For us, appearance, is as  important as function
which also includes our safety and weapon retention.  As the owners,
TS Investigations, Inc. a private investigative agency, we have
special needs for concealing  our duty weapons.  Like most retired
police officers, injuries, and physical limitations due to age, as well as
our current jobs make concealment of our .45 and .40 caliber weapons
an important challenge.  

What a younger, currently employed law enforcement officer may wear
off-duty, per their department policy, did not seem to fit our needs as
older, retired officers now working in the private sector dealing with
clients that can be uncomfortable around firearms or while we are
attending formal events.  We did not want the typical "web gear" with
Velcro systems which fall apart and look awful within a few months of
wear.  We did not want a less than flexible plastic holster which break
when hit hard or can make weapons visible while in business attire...we
needed something that would stand up to the daily abuse and wear, yet
"sharp" after months of wear.   We looked at "off the shelf"
duty gear but we could not find anything that fit comfortably, or looked
classy enough when dealing with our end clients.

We located
Frontier Leather Works on the Internet using a simple
search and saw the
"Leather Shoulder Holster Rigs" being offered.  
John drove out and met Lynn at
Frontier Leather Works and tried on
some of his already built shoulder holsters.  
Within a few moments the choice was easy -
Frontier Leather Works was going to manufacture our custom duty
gear for our private investigative company.