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Frontier Leather Works
will custom made
this rig for you

Fits 1860 Army shown here
4-6 oz quality leather

Custom Dyes used
CW # 1    Plain Holster Only  $89.95

CW # 2     Holster & Belt   $129.00

CW # 3     Holster,Belt,Sheath  $165.00
The Stress pointseninforced  for
additional strength.  Holster can be
angled as you wish
Flap Strap can be
placed on or under the flap
Shell Case
Double Flap
Hand Sewn
Approx Opening Size:
1 3/4" wide
3 3/4 Wide
4 1/2" Tall
Water Proof Flap inside
Fits 2" Belt
Single flap
Approx Opening Size:
1 3/4" wide
3 3/4 Wide
4" Tall Extra
Fits 2" Belt
We can make the # 4 and #5 fit larger belts
Item #5 has no inside weatherproof flap
Item #5 has an  inside weatherproof flap

in the
CIVIL WAR Gun Leathers
The Jean Baptiste Custom Civil War Rig
62400 Bethune, France

This is a
3 piece set
Both the
holster and
ammo pouch
is suede lined.
Pouch size
shown here is
3x4x8 inside
Sam Brown
Hand Dyed
Hand Sewn
Made in the United States..Pennsylvania
Suede Lined

All American


Made for

John Psota

Civil War
The John Psota Custom Handmade LeMat Leather Holster

Handmade by leathercraftsman
L.B. Tompkins
Frontier Leather Works
Strasburg, Pennsylvania

All American Leathers
Rugged and durable / Suede lined
Holsters, Belts and Ammunition Pouches
Tom Bowman LeMat and others
Holsters are
$195.00 each

Genuine Black
Suede Soft
L or R Handed

The Beautiful Silver Black Combo
Can Be Made For any Weapon

Pouch made in the size you require.
Belt is double leather
Antique Texas Stars can be changed
to Sam Brown Civil War Buttons
if desired

The JB Silver Black Set

Shown here is a
Sword / Bayonet
58 Caliber  Zouave Rifle
The Frog is hand made to for the weapon.