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Looking for a WHITE RHINO leather holsters for your Chiappa Rhino holster?  Look no
more...Frontier Leather Works has brought the Chiappa Rhino holsters back to life.  Order
your Chiappa Rhino in any color, tooled or plain, left or right handed.  Our Chiappa Rhino
holsters are all gun leather from USA.  Chiappa holsters, like the Rhino, are designed to last
for years.  Custom Chiappa Rhino holsters are made to your specifications and color.
Have a friend with a Chiappa Rhino but he can't find a holster...send him to us and soon he'll
own a Chiappa Rhino holster like no other.
Chiappa Rhino Leather Gun Holsters
White Rhino 3" Holsters for the Newest White Rhino 3"
Chiappa Rhino gun leather holster made to your specifications and desire.
Floral designs are also available
Both left and Right handed Chiappa Rhino holsters are available for every weapon
Chiappa Rhino

Shown here in
Chocolate Color
Suede Lined

Light Tooling
along the edges
Brass/Gold Hardware
and shown in the
Right Hand Draw
Belt Loop

You select the
stamp image


Can be made
as a shoulder
holster rig or
western rig

The Crockett
Chiappa Rhino Holster
Why not add a beautiful Gun Belt and Leather Knife to you order if you have not already.
You'll  have a One of a Kind Holster Rig?

You design it, or I'll help you to create that One of A Kind Gun Rig
and if you are the first to do so with your Chiappa Rhino
we'll add your picture (wearing the rig) to this page..
compliments of Frontier Leather Works.

Questions:  267-664-0485
Chiappa Shoulder Rig
with Circular Ammo Unit


The LeGrand
Custom Chiappa Holster with Cut away for the scope
Made for Left & Right Hand
Genuine Suede Lined / 22 free colors

22 Free colors

Hand made in USA
Free Initials

Silver or Gold

Made to your needs

Why not come and
watch it being hand
White Chiappa

Left or Right
Suede Lined
The White Chiappa Holster