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Custom hand made Bond Arms leather holsters
Frontier Leather Works Salutes A Great American Company
Bond Arms, Granbury, Texas
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Unlined Holster
Free Initials & Image
Made in the Good Old USA

Left or
Right Handed
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Available as Belt Loop / Clip-On with or without strap
John Ferguson
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
One Proud Bonds Owner
Frontier Leather Works
Asks you to Support this
Great American Arms Company

Frontier Leather Works
can custom design and produce almost any combination of designs.

Shoulder Holster rigs for Single or Double Bonds Derringers,
Suspender holsters,
Clip-On holsters
and all types of
Belt Holsters

Complete Tooling Available...Call for pricing and see our
Floral Designs" that you may select from.
No extra charge for any colors seen on our site...
now you can design your very own rigs

Have an to us...we'd love to hear from you.

We will continue to build this page with new holster styles for your Bond Pistols
Frontier Leather Works
is an American Home Based Leather Craftsman Business
Every item is Hand Made in the Good Old
*We can reconfigure this holster for
IWB - Clip On
or any other design you might perfer
Bond-3        Frontier's Bonds Driver System
with 6-pack (no inside loops)
Hand Sewn Ammo pouch
holds 6-.410 rounds

Holster and Ammo Pouch
are suede lined

Any Color you'd like
Free edge tooling and 1

Pick almost any
color seen on our

Genuine Suede
Lined Holster and
6-Pack Pouch

inside the pouch..

Ammo is loose in
the pouch

One beautiful
fitting outfit
Bond-4  Matching Holster and Belt
Belt and Holster are Suede Lined
Holster approx 2 1/4 " wide
Top Grade Leathers
Almost Any Color you'd like
Hand Made in the USA
Bond Arms  Gun Holsters
Gun Leather Holsters
Better than Ever
If Bond Arms doesn't have what you need
then feel free to call us here at
Frontier Leather Works
Mr. Lynn  267-664-0485
Custom Silver Black
Conceal Carry Pouch
Dual clip-On or Belt Loop versions
22 Different Colors
Below you can see the left handed versions with suede lining
Frontier not only makes this holster for your Bonds Arms but as shown here,
for other small derringers like the Davis derringer seen here
This Suede Lined
Bond Holster can be made for both left and right handed
shooters.      It is the Same Bond-2 shown above and shown
but with the suede lining.

This beautiful left handed
holster was made for
Albert Monaco
Houston, Texas
Custom Bond Century 2000 Cross draw Spider Cross Draw and Ammo Slide
Spider Holster
and 6 round
ammo slide

Holster Only

Like all items we
make this holster
can be modified to
your specs.
Bond-3A       Frontier's Bonds Vertical Driver System - Looped Ammo pouch
Bond-3        Frontier's Bonds Driver System
Bond-3  Frontier's Horizonial Bonds Driver System - no ammo loops in pouch
This photo is to show the width differences between the
inside ammo loop version vs the no ammo loop version,
You are ordering the single holster and ammo pouch to the left
22 free colors to select from
Free stamped images are also available

Texas Star snaps
can be changed to your choice.
The New:    Bond TEXAN  6 inch barrel
Matching Belt &
Holster  ONLY
Like every holster we make, this Bond Texan Can be made for both right & left Hand
Comes lined with Genuine thick Suede
Can be ordered in 28 different colors
Can be moditifed to your wishes...47 Free  stamped images if desired.
Also can be made into a shoulder holster rig or whatever you wish.
Derringer Pocket Holster
This Pocket Holster is made to conceal
the entire derringer and is made
to protect the weapon from misfiring.

All American Leather
Can be used in left or right pocket

Davis Derringer Thumb Break Holster

Thumb Break
Belt Holster
Soft leather

Knife Sheath was done after the
Holster & Ammo slide above
and photographed in different
lightening..thus the color difference
Knife sheath not included with
holster & ammo slide
Spider Sheath is $195.00 extra
Conceal Carry
Belt loop Style
Will be made to fit your derringer
Frontier Most Popular and Comfortable Bond Conceal Carry Pouch
Not just crossdraw
Model:  RP
The Ultimate Conceal Carry Pouch
Made here for the Bonds Texas 3 inch .22  -  Can be made for other small derringers
May be ordered iun a variety of colors
and and wide range of floral designs

BOND   Ankle Holsters
3-Piece matching Set  /  22 Di9fferent Colors  /  Left or Right Hand
Bond 3 Piece Set
Above is the Bonds Cowboy Defender in Ox-Blood dye
and #5 stamped Image of a Longhorn
22 different colors
Dozens of free stamp images
The Robin Treptow Set