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handbags are back and can be ordered directly from Frontier Leather Works.
Old time hunting bags and pouches are now available and fully custom made by hand.
Custers Last Stand
1810 No. Hampton
Leather Black Powder Hunting Bags
The homemade Dye produces a blue
charcoal gray look and stands out against
the bone knife in its own sheath on the
shoulder strap
All stitching is hand performed using heavy
duty waxed threads securing the life
of the bag for years to come
Replica 18th Century
North Hampton, PA Hunting Pouch
This beautiful Replica
1810 North Hampton Hunting Pouch
was the First Prize offered by
at the
DIXON'S Gunmaker's Fair
July 29, 2007

Call Today for Details and
Talk directly to the man who will hand make your hunting bag
This replica 1810 North Hampton Hunting Bag handbag was completely hand made for
Jean Perault of France
Every part is hand cut and will be finished with a Unique Home made dye from a receipe as old as the Europe and was still used in Early America.

Every stitch will be hand punched with an awl and sewn one stitch at a time.        The knife will be made of bone.
Background photo by Frontier Leather Works and is a copy of the newspaper detailing the account of the
BATTLE OF CUSTER'S LAST STAND...at the Little Big Horn
The powder horn is fastened with
braided leather  handwork
Hand Made in
The United States of America
Call if international shipping is required
Every part is hand cut...no machines used
Jean Perault on the left with a friend
dressed in beautiful Native outfit
Below are additional pictures of another
1810 No. Hampton Hunting Bag
with slight modifications per clients specifications
Progress Report
Lettering and Images
Special Payments
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Here Lynn Hand
sews the cover flap
using what is
called a