Custom, The world leader in  hand made leather holsters. This  
requires both an artistic ability and love for the leather trade.  
Frontier leather Works' leathercraftsmen have dedicated their
lives to making the highest quality leather products using the
best American hides available. Leather gun holsters are made
for most every handgun ever made.  All the hand made to
client's specifications including 22 different standard colors,
are limitless and available to every customer.  Our clients
design the product and Frontier will hand make it.  From
Cowboy action gun leather rigs, to the custom speed loader
pouches, black powder bags to rifle slings and scabbards to
arrow quivers, knife sheaths, Mares Leg holsters, Taurus
Judge pistols, Glock, Sig, Derringers, Shoulder holsters,
conceal carry leather holsters, western gun leather rigs, survival
hunting leather holsters, gun belts, Colt, MilitaRY AND US
MARINE HOLSTERS, Automag and Lar win Grizzly, Wildey Win
gun holsters, Bill Jordan, Beretta, 1851, 186o Army and civil  
war holsters, Chiappa Rhino holsters, No. American, Kimber,
Ruger, Millennium Pro, Smith & Wesson, Ankle holsters, Black
powder bags and cows knees, all the way to complete custom
rgun leather holsters and rigs you design yourself...even
replicas of famous movie gun holsters.
Taurus Judge Holsters, custom gun leather holsters for left and right handed. Judge holsters, custom judge holsters.  BILL JORDAN BORDER PATROL HOLSTERS. Gun Leather, Leather shoulder holsters, custom leather holsters.1911 shoulder holsters.  Leather
handgun holsters; cowboy leather,custom leather concealment holsters,leather revolver holsters, custom leather holsters, sporting goods, huning, holsters, belts and pouched for ammo. Vertical and horizonial holsters.  Undercover holsters. Taurus Judge .45/.410/.454
Holsters. Shoulder Holsters, conceal carry, concealed carry holsters, leather shoulder rigs and holsters. Public Defender revolvers, Raging Judge Casell revolvers, Raging Bull holsters, leather holstersThe New Raging Jdge .454 5 round and 6 round cylinder holsters,
Taurus Speed loaders, Colt revolvers, cowboy action holsters, conceal holsters, Bandeleer shoulder rigs holsters, leather shoulder holsters, pancake holsters, pocket holsters for the Taurus Public Defender .45 .410 revolver.  Ankle holsters for the public defender.  Taurus
3 inch, 4" and 6" holsters for both left and right handed shooters.  Judge leather holsters made to your specifications. Custom leather holsters, Shotgun belts ammo belts to match your Taurus Judge revolvers in western style.  Shotgun ammo sleeves and slings made to
order.  Taurus handgun leather, taurus revolvers. And Taurus shoulder rigs made for every weapon and revolver Taurus makes. Frontier Leather Works hand makes leather holsters 24 hours a day.Rifle shotgun scabbard, slings; Judge defender conceal carry holsters;
Mares Leg Holsters;1911 leather holsters, conceal carry shoulder holsters; Leather classes; 1851 and 1860 Army Navy Colt revolver holsters; AutoMag and Grizzly shoulder holsters; Smith & Wesson leather holsters.  Marine and Military leather holsters and shoulder
rigs,Bonds Arms; Cowboy action and western gun leather holsters; Civil War holsters; Chiappa Rhion holsters; Glock 19,26,27 and 33 holsters; John Wayne holsters; Ankle holsters; Conceal back holsters; Lar Win Grizzly holsters; Wildey Holsters; Speed Loader
Pouches.  Ruger and Kimber gun leather holsters, Millennium Pro and No. American leather holsters.  Conceal carry pocket holsters; Ladies Conceal Handbag.  1810 No. Hampton hunting bag; Hunting bags; S&W Governor holsters; Custom Knide Sheaths; 1911 leather
holsters; Clint Eastwooed gun leather holsters, Lone Ranger western cowboy action holsters;  Order your Taurus Hi Grade leather holster today for your Taurus .45 .410 or .454 Raging Judge pistol.
Taurus Judge 45 410leather custom  holsters.Custom leather holsters, Millennium PT 145 Pro. Ruger LCP .380. AutoMag leather holsters. LAR GRIZZLY - GRIZZLY WIN MAG CUSTOM leather HOLSTERS leather RIGS, leather BELTS, CLIPS - Custom leather
hand  made - Cowboy Action Western leather Holsters - Men's Ladies  Custom leather Hunting Bags & Pouches. - Leather Outfits - 18th Centuryleather  Hunting Bags - Leather Black Powder Hunting Bags - Custom leather Shoulder / Western custom leather
holsters, leather Calves Knees, leather Cows Knees.
Black Powder hunters, shooters leather custom hunting pouches now available.
Unique frontier leather black powder hunting handbags, Pre-Civil war pouches, jewelry, ladies handbags, Limited Prints, Antiqued Duffle Bags
Custom Leather Holsters Taurus Judge. Millennium PT 145 Pro.  Leather holsters custom holsters and judge custom leather holsters,
western holsters, every type of leather holster shoulder leather holsters, black leather  holsters, brown leather  holsters, large leather holsters,
small leather holsters, custom leather holster angle leather holsters, hipleather  holsters and western leather holster, custom leather holsters
are in today. Automag holsters and Grizzly leather holsters are new to Frontier Leather works. Lar win mag grizzly holsters.  Frontier Leather
holsters are custom designed.  We specialize in all types of custom holsters, cowboy action holsters,holsters
Frontier Leather Works   Conditions when Ordering    Placing any order is understood to have occurred after reading the following.

DISCLAIMER...Please read before placing any order

ORDERS /  REFUNDS  /  RETURNS / CHARGE-BACKS:   FRONTIER will give clients an approx.  "Start Date" for the production of their order...  All orders are placed for production in the
order they are received.   The "Start Date" is the time Frontier will begin to assembly the many parts that will make up your order.   Leather components are precut immediately after payment has
been received and set aside for assembly
before the start date arrives.  For this reason we cannot cancel orders once they are placed.  All products by FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS are custom
hand made to each client's specifications and therefore cannot be reused or returned to our stock.  Frontier CANNOT REFUND Funds for  items that are custom handmade whether  or not initials
or logos have been added to the product.  Frontier's logos are standard on all products.   Should changes be necessary due to clients needs, or mistakes, Frontier will do everything we can to
work with each client to make those changes.  Additional charges may be necessary if it means redoing certain parts of the order already cut and set for production.   REMEMBER:  Every order is
hand cut and Custom made - ONE AT A TIME and are ONE-OF-A-KIND production pieces.

CANCELLATIONS:  FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS is not an assembly line type business where one can simply select one of many items already in stock.   All work is custom designed and
made t
o your exact specifications.  It is understood therefore that cancellations, charge-backs, refunds etc. are not possible due to the fact that all parts of the orders are put into production
immediately to meet the stated date.  

LIABILITY:   FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS produces a wide variety of leather products and shall not be held responsible for the use or misuse of any of its products.   If orders are  involve or
associated with products used with firearms it is THE
CLIENT'S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY to know all  the laws that pertain to that weapon and the Safety requirements associated with it.   No
firearm should ever be left where a child may obtain it.  KEEP ALL FIREARMS LOCKED AND AWAY FROM CHILDREN.
  When ordering any products from Frontier Leather Works you assume
FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the use or misuse of the weapon used in that product.   By placing your order you free Frontier Leather Works from ALL RESPONSIBILITY associated with that
 Safety is your responsibility at all times...not Frontier's.   Please read and handle all weapons responsibly.   Weapon training is highly recommended before handling any weapon  
.Keep all weapon away from children

DEFECTED PRODUCTS:  FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS will honor its word. Our Word is our bond. FRONTIER will repair, fix or replace any part due to mistakes or errors on our part.   Our
business is built on Honesty, Integrity and our Word means everything to us.  If a product is considered defective by a client he shall return the item immediately without making any alterations or
repairs of any kind so Frontier can examine the defective part.   Any client who repairs, replaces, modifies, adds to or takes away any part of the item or product, before Frontier can examine it,
forfeits all rights to a partial or full replacement of the leather item in question.  Any  Modifications, in part or in whole, are not limited to color, stitching, cutting of leather, adding or taking away from
the product including finish, oiling and the such,shall make void the guarantee replacement, unless permission to do so is given by  written permission from Frontier's Senior Craftsman.  Work  
on any Frontier product done by anyone outside of Frontier will void any replacement.   Once in a while unseen defects can get by any leather craftsman.  If you experience any defect in leather call
Frontier Immediately, BEFORE ANY ALTERATIONS ARE MADE, so the problem can be addressed BY BOTH PARTIES.

PLACEMENT OF ORDERS CONDITIONS:  Any client who places an order with FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS  thereby agrees to abide with all the  conditions herein mentioned and
agrees NOT to hold FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS Liable for any accidents, mishaps or deaths which may occur from the use of any FRONTIER PRODUCT.
 Client understands that all safety
measures associated with any weapon is the SOLE responsibility of the client.  Client understands that he/she is responsible to KNOW ALL LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL FIREARM
LAWS and to abode thereby and shall not claim ignorance of any law(s) that apply.

WEAPONS LEFT FOR HOLSTER DESIGNING:  FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS will do everything possible to secure all local weapons (weapons provided by local individuals in our
immediate area)  held in their possession for holster designing and rig making.    Clients may bring their weapons with them to our shop and in most cases, after patterns are made, take their
weapons home with them.  We do not and will not ship any weapons to individuals...see your federal gun dealer with questions regarding transfers.  FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS shall not be
held responsible for any damaged or ruined weapon(s) that is the result of an Act of God such as fire, flood or the like which are beyond normal control.   Weapons shall be locked in our shop and
not removed from the shop without client permission.  Receipt may be given client of each weapon left.   DO NOT SEND ANY FIREARMS TO FRONTIER LEATHER WORKS...IT IS ILLEGAL.  
Reproductions that do not fire, are incapable of firing ammo may be send...they will be returned with your order.  Reproductions include Blue and Red dummy gun, knives and the like.   Replica
weapons which cannot fire, but are just look a likes ONLY may be send as patterns if needed.   See our
"HOW IT'S MADE" page for making paper patterns for your holsters

FRONTIER PHOTO'S AND PICTURES: All photo's and pictures by Frontier are copy written and are forbidden to be used on any web site, in any publication, or any other media without
written permission from Frontier Owners.  Any infraction will result in immediate legal action, fines or both.  Pictures and photo's or art work may be purchased at a cost determined by Frontier
Leather Works owners.  Terms and conditions apply.
If you have any questions call us toll free:  866-405-1899.
Sandy and I would like to welcome you to our Frontier Home...
come on in and sit a spell... there's a lot of stuff to see...trust me

IMPORTANT...... Read this First
When you purchase gun leather products from us you can be assured that you
are purchasing the top grade leathers available on the American market.
Every Item is hand cut from scratch, hand tooled, rubbed and many hand sewn.

Every item on this site was ordered the way it is seen.
You may modify any items to meet your Specifications.  
Most all items can be ordered for right or left hand.
If you are overwhelmed with all the stuff you are looking at, or don't see
exactly what you are looking for...
Call Lynn Direct and get help...866-405-1899
If what you are looking for is not on this site, it does not mean we can not make it.

We will work with you all the way until delivery
All orders are precut the day orders are placed and set aside prior to your start date.
Now meet the two folks who will be personally
handcrafting all your leather products...one at a time
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Site on Planet Earth

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versions of that product that are now available for you.
Taurus Judge Holsters for every Taurus Judge Made
Rifle and Shotgun Scabbard and Custom Slings & Quivers
Cowboy Action and Western Style Gun Leather Rigs
Standard and Lasered   Shoulder Rigs & Bandeleers
Custom, Hand Made Mares Leg Rigs and Scabbards
Older 1860 Army Navy Holsters, Belts and Ammo Pouches
Auto Mag holsters and Rigs
Smith & Wesson Holsters
1911 Holsters, Shoulder Rigs & Paddle Holsters
Marine and Military Rigs
Civil War Style Holsters and Rigs
Small Weapons and Derringer Conceal Carry Holsters and Pouches
Chiappa Rhino Holsters...all custom hand made to your specifications
Bill Jordan Holsters and Rigs
Glock Holsters
Concealed Back Holster Rigs
Lar Win Grizzly Holsters
Wildey Holsters and Rigs
Speed Loader Pouches...Single & Multi
Millennium Pro Holsters
Ruger Holsters
Kimber Holsters
Pocket Holsters
Box Concealed Holsters
Ladies Concealed Carry Handbag
1810 No. Hampton Hunting Bag
Custom Hunting Bags
Men's Custom Hand Made Possible Bags
Frontier's John Wayne Combo Rig
Ankle Holsters
The Lone Ranger Style Custom Made Western Rigs
Cowboy Action Rigs
The White Collection
One of our Clients collection of holsters and rigs  revealing a unique design for the 1911's and other automatics
For the first time ever!

Sit at the Feet of Frontier's Master Leather
L. B. Tompkins

And learn how to Custom make leather products
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Frontier's R-80 Series Speed loaders & Mag. Holders

Just because you didn't
see what you are looking for
We can't Make it for you!

Many other items are listed in the Navigation tabs
Custom Hand Made Knife Sheaths
S&W  Holsters
The Anderson Western Cowboy Rig
The Fisher Cowboy Rig
The Tompkins Western Rig
The Eastwood Cowboy Rig
The Oakleaf Western Tooled Rig
The Glick Combo Rig
The Native American Western Rig
The Goudy Combo Dual Rig
Large & Small Leather Quivers
Rifle / Shot Gun Scabbards
Custom Art and Laser Images Available for your holsters and rigs
Below you can see the Wolf Patch
before being sized to fit the belt

Laser Images
you can use
65 Holsters Priced To Sell  NOW
S&W Governor holsters
are the same as the Taurus
Judge holsters so you may
select most Judge holsters
and we will make it for your
The difference is small
Leather Jacket
Slightly Used

Shipping to
Lower 48
Twin Hunting Cameras
with Complete Manuel
3 Complete
Three (3) Wireless cameras for sale today
Twin Stealth Cameras for Sale
Takes Both Still and Video
Infrared Night Vision
Motion Detection and More
Frontier Leather Works
prides itself in providing a quality product 24/7.
Honesty and Integrity are our HallMarks!
We refused to do business with any company, large or small
which demonstrate the lack of such...for that reason we will
no longer support, nor use
If interested click on the link above in blue and see what UPS did to us.
All tooling is done by Hand
to your Specifications
Leather Biker's Jacket For Sale
Frontier's Master Leather Craftsman Tooling - Samples of previous work
Newest items Just Added
Now Check out What's Else Is Available at Frontier
Remember..just click on the picture to see more.
Left and Right Handed
Want to see more of any item
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Belt Selection Options for Your Holsters / Rigs
2nd Amendment Holsters
Bill Jordan Style Holsters and Rigs
Thanking Our Troops
Send us pictures of your family members in the Service
and a note about their service and we'll post them on our site
Don't Try Telling These Soldier's That
Freedom Is FREE!
Click on any
to see
Frontier's All American Antique Liberty Flag Holster
Frontier's All American Flag Liberty Holsters
This beautiful
American Liberty
Flag Design
Can be added to
almost every item we
offer on this site
Call Lynn for
Just Click on any
Picture to see more
Just Click on any
Picture to see more
Just Click on any
Picture to see more
Just Click on any
Picture to see more
Custom Hand Made Bag
Pattern File "J"
Add a Custom heirloom Patch to your Rig
Inside the Belt is this Engraved leather
Patch Showing the
Serial Number of 0001
Now you can hand down your custom made rig to your
son or grandson.   Frontier's lasered heirloom patches
Do Just That
Since we hand make every leather item you see on our site
every one is different and can can numbered as 0001,
making your items one of a kind.
Add this Heirloom Patch to your leather product for only $40.00 extra

You can design
you own...

Frontier Leather
will make
it for you
Don't Have the Money but would like to Barter..No Problem

Will Barter for
Set of McCallum
or other Quality
African Blackwood
is a MUST

What would you like to Barter?
Lynn 1-866-405-1899
Check Out The Incredible Serpent/Dragon Hand Tooled Rig
Just click on this picture
PUG  Derringer
Ever Wonder How Leathercraftsmen tool images into leather?
Click the pictures below to see the progress of a
Dragon Holster Rig and a Western Holster Rig
Gun Belts ... Various Styles
Nice Selection of Knifes for your rig or Bandoleer shoulder rigs
A Few Sample shown here
Click any picture to see more.
Dozens more coming
by January 10th
Including Jack/Pocket Knives
The Beautiful Hand Made
Magnum Research
Holster and Belt
Click picture to see more.
Don't forget Now...
Just click on any picture(s) below that most interests you
and see the wide variety and different versions of that
product that are now available for you.
Standard & Custom Belt Selection Options
All Tuarus Judge Holsters ... Including the Raging Judges
Frontier is the World's leader this Taurus Judge Holsters
Frontier's New Hunters Survival Chest Rig
Fully Adjustable Heavy Duty Elastic Bands
Belt Tie Downs  /  Any of 22 Different Colors
Left or Right Handed  /  Any Weapon
Free Pocket Knife when this Rig
is ordered by April 1, 2014
You design it...I'll build it for you
Holds a wide range of
weapon..including these

Sig Sauer Standard Holsters and Pocket Holsters
North American Firearms
Beretta  Holsters
Matt Dillon Style Western Rig
Modified version shown here
Modified version to clients specs.
Rifle Slings
This Combo rig is part of the R-12 AB Series
WALTHERS  Holsters

Spider Web

One of a Kind...

Suede lined
Can be
made for
any weapon
FRONTIER'S Spider Holsters
Mares Leg Lever and Butt covers
Mares LegPistol Slings
Sample of Individual Holsters
Made to your Specifications
Left or Right Handed
Mares Leg Holster Rig
Mares Leg
Gun Belt and
Matching Holster
Leather Pepper Spray
"Don't Tread On Me"
Bond Arms  Holsters
Small Rifle Quiver

Spider Web Rig
Frontier's Silver Black Belt Holster
Suede Lined...Ammo loops for .45
Fits Taurus Judge 3-4 inch
First come gets this:
"Don't Tread on Me" holster
Johnny Ringo Cross draw Rig
Click picture to see more
This knife & sheath can ship today.
Click picture
Personalized Pilot's Rig
Every Item on this site
has been Hand Made
One at a time
Immediate shipping TODAY
Click picture to order and see more photos
Lynn and Sandy Tompkins
Frontier's Leathercraftsmen
inside a true
Native American Tee Pee
There are 3 ways to order:
1: Select the item you want and
use the Paypal tab for that item.

2:  Call us with any questions you might have about
any item then use the Paypal tab for that item.

3: Or Call us, set up a time to come down to the
shop and see how things are done first hand.

Either way, we will confirm all aspects of your order with a full detailed
Specification Sheet so we both understand what is required.
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Real Beaver Hunting Bag
These Holsters Can be made for most any weapon
Can be made for
most weapons
Left or Right Handed
Click the 1911, Colt or Judge
to see additional views

For any
Custom Genuine Suede Lined
3,4,5 or 6 Round Snap-On Ammo Slide
Frontier Leather Works
No Expiration Date
Custom, Hand Made
Rifle Scabbards
To the right you can see the
New Frontier Leather Works
Click on any Picture to see additional items
All Custom Made In Pennsylvania
Rifle Slings
Proudly Made

Frontier Leather Works
Hand Makes every
items seen on this site
Yes, we make paddle holster for most weapons
Below is a sample for the 1911
835 Stively Road    Strasburg, Pennsylvania  17579      PA: 717-666-3807      TOLL FREE:  1-866-405-1899       Mon.-Thur: 8am-6pm              Fri: 8-5  EST
Sat. by Appointment  ONLY               Closed Sunday
See What  UPS
Can Do To You
Immediate Shipping
Hand Made
Holster Rigs
Complete Leather Bolo Ties with Conchos
I-Phone cases
Will Barter for a set of Real Scottish Bagpipes / Outfit
Our Newest leather:   The MARCUS MILLER
To see a real close up look
click on either one of these 2 photos.
You may use this leather for holsters, belts,
etc. to name just a couple of uses.
Old Glory Isn't Running

Our Alamo ...Our Stand
"The World will not be destroyed by those who do evil,
BUT by those who watch and
Do Nothing."
Albert Einstein
We Make
Flag Holsters
Click any photo to see more
Pouches for every vapor
Click picture of Bible to See
The Bible Preview Page

Water Buffalo
Antique Brown Leather

Just Click Picture to Order One
As of August 1, 2015 We will be taking Christmas Orders Earlier this year due to the heavy volume that we had last
Please order early.  We cannot promise on time delivery after December 1, 2015
Can be made for any Caliber
This Set, like all
holsters we make,  
can be made for
most every weapon
you own.
We are full
custom and can
do most anything
Click on any picture
to see more
Custom Snap Ammo Slides
Click on any
picture to see
more or for
Any Caliber
Matching Sets...Made for any weapon..22 colors...left or right handed
When you click on these
photos you'll be taken to the
1911 page..
order there
HK Holsters
The Greatest Christmas
Gift you can give!
Just Click on any picture
here to see them all
We are willing to Barter...trade leather products for McCallum or Other Quality Bagpipes       Call Lynn 267-664-0485
Will also Barter for  ROSS Electronic Bagpipe Practice Chanter  ....Let's make a deal
Old or New..Any Color...Must be in Good Shape
Dual Western Rigs
for Men and Women
Just Click Picture to Order One
New Single & Double WATER BUFFALO
Speed loader Pouches...Any Caliber
We offer 22 free colors and complete tooling.
Complete Matching Sets are also available.
.Left & Right Handed
Made in America....BY AMERICANS
Call Leathercraftsman:  Lynn for details
TOLL FREE     866-405-1899
Leather Works
Where America Goes
For Custom Leather
Holsters and More